ROCI MEXICO research guide

This guide provides links to a selection of digitized or online materials related specifically to ROCI MEXICO.  Materials provided in this guide are for reference and research purposes only. For reproduction requests, email the archives.


The first ROCI exhibition was held in Mexico City in 1985 at the Museo Rufino Tamayo Arte Contemporáneo Internacional. As with the subsequent ROCI exhibitions, the presentation in Mexico City included Rauschenberg artworks from earlier in his career, as well as works that were particularly inspired by the host country. ROCI MEXICO consisted of a series of paintings and collaged wall reliefs. Future ROCI exhibitions would always include new works inspired by the venue and those works that had been exhibited in previous exhibitions, thus providing a connection between the various exhibitions around the world.


ROCI MEXICO is a series of paintings and collaged wall reliefs made as part of the Rauschenberg Overseas Culture Interchange project and shown at the Museo Rufino Tamayo in Mexico City in 1985.

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Archival Documents 
Archival documents including itineraries, Rauschenberg's writings, and other materials related to Rauschenberg’s Mexico trip and the ROCI MEXICO exhibition. 

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Exhibition catalogue for the Rauschenberg Overseas Culture Interchange: ROCI MEXICO exhibition, Museo Rufino Tamayo Arte Contemporáneo Internacional, Mexico City, Mexico, April 17–June 23, 1985. Additional catalogue jointly published for three ROCI exhibitions: Mexico, Chile, and Venezuela. Introductions by Sofía Imber and Nena Ossa, essay by José Donoso, previously published introduction by Robert R. Littman, previously published essay by Robert Hughes, previously published statement by Rauschenberg, and previously published poem by Octavio Paz.

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Documentary Photographs 
Documentary photographs including installation images, travel snapshots and other images related to Rauschenberg’s trip and the ROCI MEXICO exhibition.

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Oral Histories
Oral history transcripts of individuals involved in ROCI.

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Press release and press clipping for ROCI.

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Rauschenberg's Photography
Contact and slide sheets for photographs taken by Rauschenberg during his travels in Mexico.

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Raw and edited footage of Rauschenberg’s ROCI-related travels and documentation of ROCI exhibitions.

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Other Materials (not digitized)
The majority of archival materials related to ROCI are not yet digitized and must be accessed onsite at the Foundation. Comprehensive information on these collections is found on the Archives Collections webpage. To find listings on related materials once on this page, scroll to the desired collection, download the finding aid PDF, and keyword search for "ROCI."

Below is a list of recommended collections to search. Email archives for help or questions.

  • Audiovisual Collection
  • Charles Yoder records related to the Rauschenberg Studio
  • Donald Saff records on Rauschenberg Overseas Culture Interchange (ROCI)
  • Photograph Collection
  • Robert Rauschenberg papers
A large artwork stands upright in the middle of a grass field. A large piece of fabric, laying on the grass, is held on one side by a figure facing away from the camera. Multiple people stand at a distance holding ropes attached to the artwork's frame.

Robert Rauschenberg unveiling Casino / ROCI MEXICO (1985), Captiva, Florida, circa March 1985. Photo: Terry Van Brunt.