Main Studio

Construction of Rauschenberg’s third and last studio in Captiva – now referred to as the Main Studio – began in 1990 and was completed in March 1993. Notable series completed in the Main Studio include the the Anagrams series (1995-97), the Scenario series (2002-06), the Shales series (1994-95), and the Short Stories series (2000-02).

Today, the downstairs area houses wood and metal fabrication, a screenprinting area and a dark room, with a separate studio area with a kiln and welding equipment. A large freight elevator leads to the upstairs space – an open 3200-square-foot studio space with a converted gallery space called the Shotgun Studios, a digital printing area, a sound studio, and a full kitchen. The Main Studio provides both private and communal workspaces and is the hub of the residency.


Main Studio, 2012. Photo: Laurie Lambrecht