Weeks House

Rauschenberg purchased the Weeks property on August 8, 1977, from Laura “Larry” Weeks, widow of Allen Weeks. The four-acre property included the Weeks House, Waldo Cottage, and several outbuildings, likely built in the late 1920s. The land was originally owned by one of Captiva’s earliest homesteaders, William Langley “Tobe” Bryant, who arrived on Captiva in 1899. Bryant grew sugar cane, avocados, vegetables and citrus, but in 1921, a massive hurricane destroyed his agricultural operations. In 1923, a man named Clarence Chadwick purchased his property and he and Bryant established a short-lived key lime plantation. Allen and Larry Weeks purchased the property from Chadwick in 1934 and Allen, who had an Engineering degree from M.I.T., redesigned and renovated the house to reflect the layout today. Upon purchasing the Weeks’ property in 1977, Rauschenberg preserved a life estate for Larry. She passed away in 1980 and the house was renovated in 1982 to be used as a guesthouse.

Today the Weeks House is a gathering spot and the communal dining area where the Chef in Residence prepares and serves the resident artists’ lunch and dinner.

Weeks House, photo by Laurie Lambrecht, 2014

Residency 5 artists gather on the Weeks House porch, 2014. Photo: Laurie Lambrecht

Larry Weeks in front of the Weeks House after a storm, undated. Photo: Courtesy Captiva Island Historical Society 

A postcard of the Weeks' house porch (now enclosed), postmarked August 31,1957. Courtesy Captiva Island Historical Society

Larry and Allen Weeks with one of their many cats on their dock (no longer standing), undated. Photo: Courtesy Captiva Island Historical Society

RR Archives: Weeks House Renovation 1982

Weeks House undergoing renovation, 1982, Rauschenberg Residency archives

Laurie Lambrecht R6 in Weeks 2014

Residency 6 artists gather in the Weeks House living room before lunch, 2014. Photo: Laurie Lambrecht

Mark Poucher-Isaac Saunders Chef-in-Residence in Weeks House-2017

2017 Chef-in-Residence Isaac Saunders prepares a meal in the Weeks House kitchen, 2017. Photo: Mark Poucher

Residency 25 artists come together for lunch at the Weeks House dining table, 2017. Photo: Mark Poucher. 

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