The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation’s Chef-in-Residence Program was inaugurated at the Rauschenberg Residency on Captiva Island in January 2016. 

The focus of the Chef-in-Residence Program (CIR) is to:

  • provide more healthful meals for the artists in residence using food that is mostly organic and is grown either locally or on site;
  • integrate the culinary arts as a creative discipline in the residency program, which ties in with Robert Rauschenberg’s keen interest and aptitude for the culinary arts; and
  • align with the Foundation’s emphasis on environmental conservation and stewardship, which stems from Rauschenberg’s longstanding concern for the safekeeping of the environment and the notion of individual responsibility.

The CIR prepares weekly meals for the artists in residence and is encouraged to collaborate with them throughout each month-long residency. The CIR partners with regional farmer/growers in sourcing food, as well as in growing food on the property. The CIR employs sustainable practices including a strong commitment to zero food waste, minimal packaging and environmentally green products. The CIR engages with the local community in ways that are mutually beneficial and organically constructed.

The CIR is encouraged to participate in the on-site community of artists, in the island community and/or the broader regional community.  She/he can hold community workshops, cooking classes for the residents, design additional growing opportunities on the property, and so on.  She/he will have time for their own creative exploration in a unique habitat with local resources. This can take the form of working on new recipes, writing a cookbook, experimenting with ingredients, and the like.  

Rauschenberg Residency 18 collaborate on a "Jungle Dinner," project of pilot Chef-in-Residence Heather Carlucci.