Jesse Krimes


Jesse Krimes will organize Voices, which will include pop-up exhibitions featuring work of formerly incarcerated and incarcerated individuals. Programming will focus on public education, humanizing those most affected by incarceration, and ultimately building grassroots support in largely conservative areas. Using art as a catalyst to facilitate difficult dialogues, the project aims to surface common underlying narratives, elevate the voices of those most affected by crime and punishment, and break down the physical and psychological barriers that divide and create space to collectively envision a path forward.

Bio: Jesse Krimes is an interdisciplinary artist based in Philadelphia. After graduating from Millersville University with a Bachelor of Arts in 2008, he was indicted on non-violent drug charges, confined to a violent offender unit for a year, and completed the remaining five years of his sentence in both medium and maximum-security federal prisons. Since returning to society in 2014, Krimes has advocated for prison reform through his artwork, collaborating with Amnesty International, Open Philanthropy, and the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts’ Restorative Justice program. Krimes successfully led a class-action lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase for their predatory practices against ex-offenders. The artist is currently represented by Burning In Water Gallery in New York, and serves as visiting faculty at University of Pennsylvania’s Social Justice Research Academy.


Jesse Krimes Headshot