Night Shade (1991)

Night Shade is a series of metal paintings in which photographic images are silkscreened with clear varnish and acrylic ink onto brushed or mirrored aluminum panels that have been treated with the corrosive tarnish Aluma Black. The tonal range is somber, varying from dark gray to black. 

See the related digital catalogue: Robert Rauschenberg: Night Shades and Phantoms, 1991.

Drums (Night Shade), 1991
Drums (Night Shade)
Black and White City Shadows
Intersection (Night Shade)
Robert Rauschenberg - Untitled (Black Painting), 1951-52
Holiday Ruse (Night Shade)
Heroes / Sheroes (Night Shade), 1991
Heroes / Sheroes (Night Shade)
Driveway Detour (Night Shade), 1991
Driveway Detour (Night Shade)
Party-Bird (Night Shade)
Party-Bird (Night Shade)
Path Night Shade
Path (Night Shade)
Vanities (Night Shade)
Vanities (Night Shade)
Motor Range (Night Shade), 1991
Motor Range (Night Shade)
Hollyhock Party (Night Shade), 1991
Hollyhock Party (Night Shade)
Neapolitan Excavation (Night Shade), 1991
Neapolitan Excavation (Night Shade)
Hydro (Night Shade)
Hydro (Night Shade)
Monday (Night Shade), 1991
Monday (Night Shade)
Avenue (Night Shade), 1991
Avenue (Night Shade)
Off the Walls (Night Shade), 1991
Off the Walls (Night Shade)
Palm Sunday (Night Shade), 1991
Palm Sunday (Night Shade)
Radiator Stop (Night Shade), 1991
Radiator Stop (Night Shade)
Manhole House (Night Shade), 1991
Manhole House (Night Shade)