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Antic Meet
Merce Cunningham documentary
Night Wandering
Rauschenberg working on Untitled (Cardboard)
“Mostly About Rauschenberg” [Paris Final Rough Cut excerpt]
Inside New York’s Art World
Minutiae excerpt, Event for Television
Monogram installation at SFMoMA retrospective
Travelogue excerpt, South Bank Show
United States Senate Bork hearing
ROCI compilation
Astral Convertible excerpt
Foray Forêt excerpt
Glacial Decoy excerpt
If you couldn’t see me excerpt
Set and Reset excerpt
people in theater Open Score, 9 Evenings: Theatre & Engineering
Robert Rauschenberg: Man at Work excerpt
Robert Rauschenberg: Performance 1954-1995 excerpts
Robert Rauschenberg: The Art of Performance
Fuji TV interview (rough cut)
Metropolitan Museum event