Currents (1970)

Currents is comprised of four related groups of works that utilize the same imagery based on headlines, texts, and photographs found in both mainstream and counterculture U.S. newspapers, including: the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and Berkeley Barb, among others. Study for Currents are the original collages that served as the source for the editioned prints in the series. Features (from Currents) and Surface Series (from Currents) are screenprints that were published by Dayton’s Gallery 12, Minneapolis, and Castelli Graphics, New York. All thirty-six original collages were reproduced in another editioned work, a fifty-four foot print also entitled Currents.

Surface Series 48 (from Currents), 1970
Surface Series 48 (from Currents)
Features (from Currents) 61, 1970
Features (from Currents) 61
Panther Brawl Rocks Court Collage by Robert Rauschenberg
Study for Currents #23
Study for Currents #26, 1970
Study for Currents #26