Main Studio

Construction of Rauschenberg’s third and last studio in Captiva – now referred to as the Main Studio – began in 1990 and was completed in March 1993. Notable series completed in the Main Studio include the the Anagrams series (1995-97), the Scenario series (2002-06), the Shales series (1994-95), and the Short Stories series (2000-02).

Today, the downstairs area houses wood and metal fabrication, a screenprinting area and a dark room, with a separate studio area with a kiln and welding equipment. A large freight elevator leads to the upstairs space – an open 3200-square-foot studio space with a converted gallery space called the Shotgun Studios, a digital printing area, a sound studio, and a full kitchen. The Main Studio provides both private and communal workspaces and is the hub of the residency.

Main Studio, Laurie Lambrecht, 2012

Main Studio, 2012. Photo: Laurie Lambrecht

Proud Artist in his Gallery

Rauschenberg working on his Short Stories series (2000–02) in the Main Studio, 2001. Photo: Ed Chappell

Interior Design Rauschenberg

Materials for Dylaby (Dynamisch Labyrint) (1962) and other sculptural source materials in the Main Studio, 2007. Photo: Laurence Getford 

Sage Sohier Ann Hamilton Main Studio 2015

Ann Hamilton works with residency staff on a film piece in the Main Studio, 2015. Photo: Sage Sohier

Minouk Lim in the Shotgun Studio, 2018. Photo: Mark Poucher

Minouk Lim works in the Shotgun Studio (Main Studio), 2018. Photo: Mark Poucher

Singer in the Recording Studio

RRF Artist as Activist grantee Jasiri X records in the Sound Studio (Main Studio), 2016. Photo: Mark Poucher

Deanna Van Buren uses the large scale printer to print on fabric in the Imaging Lab.

RRF Artist as Activist grantee Deanna Van Buren digitally prints on fabric in the Imaging Lab (Main Studio), 2016. Photo: Mark Poucher

Will Rawls and John Hoobyar screen print in the Main Studio, 2017.

Will Rawls and his collaborator John Hoobyar screen print on the 4-color press in the Main Studio, 2017.

Nafas welding in the Main Studio, 2016.

Nafas learns to weld in the fabrication area of the Main Studio, 2016.

White Block