Laika Lane Studio

After working out of the Beach House studio for three years, Rauschenberg purchased the adjacent home on Laika Lane on January 15, 1973. The home, built in 1955, was remodeled to serve as his new studio and administrative offices, with a fabrication area downstairs. Notable works completed or begun there include the Hoarfrost series (1974-76), ¼ Mile or 2 Furlong Piece (1981-98), the Glut series (1986-89/1991-94), Art Car-BMW (1986), the Borealis series (1988-92), the Urban Bourbon series (1988-96), and the Bicycloid series (1992-94). In March 1993, Rauschenberg’s new studio on the opposite side of the property was completed, which would be his last studio on Captiva.

When the Rauschenberg Residency began in 2012, the space was converted into a dance studio with sprung wood floors and a mirrored wall.

Laika Lane Studio, photo by Mark Poucher, 2015

Laika Lane Studio, 2015. Photo: Mark Poucher

Rauschenberg Photo Studio

Rauschenberg working on Photem Series I #25 (1981) in his Laika Lane studio, Captiva, Florida, January 1981. Photo: Emil Fray

Rauschenberg in Striped Shirt Painting Outside

Rauschenberg working on the deck of his Laika Lane studio, Captiva, Florida, ca. 1990. Photo: Tup Schmidt

Rauschenberg Laughing in Car

Rauschenberg with his Art Car-BMW (1986), Robert Rauschenberg: Beamers, Eckert Fine Art.

Three Dancers in Studio

Raja Feather Kelly, Christiana Axelsen and Christopher Williams rehearse in the Laika Lane Studio, 2016. Photo: Mark Poucher

Laurie Lambrecht Charles Atlas and Anne Lobst 2014

Anne Iobst and Charles Atlas film in the Laika Lane Studio, 2014. Photo: Laurie Lambrecht

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