Lives and works in Pittsburgh, PA.

Project Description:  1Hood Media Academy is a way to challenge the status quo of black masculinity by providing a counter narrative to the skewed portrayals of African-American men. 1 Hood Media Academy is designed as a tool to help young African-American men analyze and broaden their experiences of media and to acquire the skills to create their own media products, while earning income and developing marketable skills. The process improves self-image, dispels stereotypes, and provides a positive forum of self-expression in a field where African-American males are either under-represented or misrepresented.

Update: In 2015, USA Artists named Jasiri X the USA Cummings Fellow, and described him as "A new millennium leader leveraging the transformative power of Hip-Hop, Social Media and Technology into a new brand of social change.” In the past year he has also released a new album titled Black Liberation Theology, and joined Rauschenberg Residency 17 in Captiva.

Bio: Jasiri X is a new millennium leader leveraging the transformative power of hip-hop, social media, and technology into a new brand of social change.

You can follow Jasiri’s work here.

Jasiri X

Video interview with 2015 Artist as Activist Fellow Jasiri X