Jeremy Robins/Echoes of Incarceration


Jeremy Robins/Echoes of Incarceration provides training in documentary filmmaking and activism for youth with incarcerated parents. The collective will expand the footage they have assembled to date into a full-length documentary exploring the impact of mass incarceration on families.  

Bio: Jeremy Robins is a filmmaker and educator with 20 years of youth media experience. He’s produced and directed documentaries for PBS, and news stories for, and taught video in high schools around New York City. In 2009, he launched Echoes of Incarceration, which trains youth with incarcerated parents in filmmaking and advocacy, to create documentaries on the impact of mass incarceration on children. These films have been screened in prisons, festivals, universities and conferences. In 2013, Echoes of Incarceration was commissioned by Sesame Street to create a film on visiting parents in prison – which then ran on the social media site Upworthy. In 2015, Echoes of Incarceration was invited to the White House to screen films that highlight the needs of children of the incarcerated to lawmakers.

Jeremy Robins Echoes of Incarceration Group Shot

Photo: Isa Robins