Artist as Activist: Travel and Research

The Foundation recognizes that work seeking to make positive social change requires relationship building and in-depth investigation. Artist as Activist Travel and Research grants facilitate such foundational study. To date, nine artists have been awarded grants ranging from $2500 to $10,000 to travel or conduct research related to an activist aspect of their work. The artists’ sponsored projects range from researching the archives of an all-women, anti-nuclear camp in England to traveling to Lithuania to produce a book and exhibition about the lives of veterans of the Afghanistan War who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

2015 Travel and Research Grantees

Anna ReichLives in Woodland, CA. 
Travel to Lithuania to produce a book and exhibition about veterans suffering from PTSD.
Daniel Fishback. Lives in Brooklyn, NY. 
Travel to Israel to conduct research for his play about the legacy of Jewish-American leftism.
Desireena Almoradie. Lives in New York City. 
Travel to Germany to conduct research for her documentary film about radical forgiveness.
Ellen Lesperance. Lives in Portland, OR. 
Travel to England to research the archives of a women’s anti-nuclear camp for her series of paintings and textiles.
For Women Collective. Lives in Philadelphia. 
Travel to Selma to perform in festival commemorating 50th anniversary of Selma-to-Montgomery march for voting rights.
Lynnée Denise Bonner. Lives in Detroit, MI. 
Travel to Amsterdam and Berlin to research Afro-Europeans in electronic music.
Shani Peters. Lives in New York City.
Travel to Zimbabwe to mount project exploring the concept of self-determination.
Scott Shigeoka. Lives in Washington DC and Iceland. 
Travel to Palo Alto, CA for a conference that can advance his work in the field of art + issues.
Tattfoo Tan. Lives and works in Staten Island, NY.
Enrollment in classes that will allow him to acquire skills related to his ongoing environmental project, "New Earth.”
Travel Amerinda

Tall Grass Prairie-Osage Nation, 2014. Photo: Dejan Georgevich