Archives Research Residency

The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Archives Research Residency is an opportunity for researchers and scholars interested in visiting the Rauschenberg Foundation and its Archives in New York City.  The program provides partial support for incurred costs related to travel and lodging expenses related to the visit.

The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Archives, consisting of Robert Rauschenberg’s personal papers and the records from his Florida and New York studios, is the most comprehensive body of information on the artist’s life and career. The Archives Research Residency supports continued scholarly and investigative use of these materials by supporting individuals that demonstrate a compelling need to use the archives and addressing financial barriers that may prohibit onsite access to the archives. In addition, the application is open to all individuals, thereby encouraging research opportunities that move beyond traditional art historical discourse.

In its second year, this program, formerly named the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Archives Research Travel Fund, was renamed to the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Archives Research Residency to reflects the recipients’ integration into the Foundation which includes one- to two-week onsite research intensives and regular interactions with Foundation-wide staff.

More information can be found via the Guidelines and How to Apply links below. Applications for travel in 2020 will be open from October 1 until the deadline on November 15, 2019.

Robert Rauschenberg Sorting through the photography archives at the Miami Herald
Rauschenberg at the Miami Herald, looking through photography archives for source material for Cover for Tropic, The Miami Herald (1979), published in an edition of 600,000 in Miami, December 1979. Photo: Attributed to John Doman