SpiritHouse, a collective of North Carolina artists, organizers and community members, will explore strategies to destabilize the criminal justice system with Harm Free Zones, a series of performances and workshops designed to devise alternative systems of justice and public safety so that a world without prisons is a practical possibility. The initiative seeks to hold governing bodies accountable for the punitive policies that disproportionately affect and harm their communities, and envision new ways of being that can eliminate reliance on traditional law enforcement.

Bio: SpiritHouse is a multi-generational Black women-led cultural organizing tribe that uses art and media to support the empowerment and transformation of communities impacted by racism, poverty, gender discrimination, criminalization and incarceration. Members identify as Black, poor, disabled, queer, and formerly incarcerated grassroots organizers, artists, alchemists, strategists, and healers, and adhere to a praxis that prioritizes the leadership of the people who are most acutely affected by systemic racism and oppression.  Since 1999, SpiritHouse has operated in Durham and across the country to uncover and uproot the systemic barriers preventing communities from gaining the resources and leverage necessary for long-term self-sufficiency. SpiritHouse has successfully supported youth organizing programs and local/statewide campaigns addressing police violence, incarceration, education, gentrification, urban renewal, and public transportation.


SpiritHouse Group

Photo: Jovan Julien