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Residency 11 News
Photos: Sage Sohier


Apr 4, 2015
During his residency, Tijuana-based artist Marcos Ramirez printed the front page of a different international newspaper each day for thirty-three days and screen-printed imagery that he had photographed around Captiva. Later, he will add text to create a personal journal that is juxtaposed against his worldview. Inspired by Rauschenberg’s legacy of printmaking and collage, Ramirez chose to integrate similar techniques into his work during the residency. Other artists in Residency 11 were also influenced by the ways in which Rauschenberg worked. David Martine and Shawne Major experimented with...
Rising Waters Headshots

Meet the Artists: Residency 12 - Rising Waters Confab

Apr 4, 2015
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Residents 11

Meet the Artists: Rauschenberg Residency 11

Feb 2, 2015
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Residents 10

Meet the Artists: Rauschenberg Residency 10

Jan 1, 2015
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Residency 9 News
Photos: Sage Sohier

Thirty–Three Days and Nights: Rauschenberg Residency 9

Jan 1, 2015
Once the home of the Calusa Indian tribe and then two centuries later, a fishing destination for Theodore Roosevelt and Thomas Edison, Captiva Island, Florida, now boasts luxury homes on a street nicknamed the “Gold Coast.” But the enchantment of the land that Robert Rauschenberg embraced for forty years remains and is invigorated by the newest, and perhaps most itinerant, visitors to the island, the artists in residence at the Rauschenberg Residency. And so what does this small cohort of artists do for thirty-three days on this island in the Gulf of Mexico? “I was able to work on thirty-five...
SEED Summit Captiva
SEED Summit 2014

Philanthropy in Action

Dec 12, 2014
Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Hosts Grantees on Its Captiva Campus Eighty-five nonprofit professionals from across the country join together at historic island residence Beginning November 3, the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation used its Captiva Campus to host eighty-five artists, entrepreneurs, community organizers, and social innovators from across the United States, and who have received support through the foundation’s SEED Grant program. The inaugural SEED Summit, which is intended to become an annual event at Captiva, brought these arts professionals together for a one week meeting to...
Meet the Artists - Residency
Photos: Sage Sohier

Meet the Artists: Rauschenberg Residency 9

Nov 11, 2014
On November 17, 2014, Rauschenberg Residency 9 begins. Ten artists, including musicians, visual artists, and writers from across the United States and Canada will arrive to work, share meals, play, commune, and collaborate at the residency that provides them with the time, space, and resources to explore new possibilities. “I may be asking volunteers to help me collect drift items from local beaches,” explained Douglas Coupland. A writer who has published fourteen novels and several nonfiction works, Doug is also a visual artist. It will be his visual practice that he intends to focus on...