Climate Change Solutions Fund

Program Overview

The Climate Change Solutions Fund was launched in the fall of 2014 to expand the foundation’s current efforts in its Art + Environment program, which to date has focused on artist-led projects to deepen public awareness of climate change. 

The climate crisis is as much one of culture and imagination as it is one of energy, science, or economy. Facts are facts. Global warming is real, and it is here. It is not a distant threat ten or fifteen years away but very much a part of our everyday lives – from a higher grocery bill to a rise in catastrophic natural disasters. Indeed, climate change is the most urgent global crisis of our time. But citing scientific data and pushing gloom and doom messages of Armageddon has only taken us so far. The foundation recognizes that solutions to rebalance our unstable ecosystems must be both tactical and strategic. Positive change will require new technologies and improved policies to regulate cleaner business practices AND it will also demand radical shifts in the belief systems underlying a global economy built on exploitation of labor and natural resources. The grantees below responded to a call for proposals that asked “What might it look like to cultivate physical and social environments through which we can equitably and sustainably steward the resources that support our lives on this planet?”  


The Climate Change Solutions Fund open call ended in 2015. There are currently no plans to re-open this program. To receive program updates as they are announced, please follow the foundation on Twitter and Facebook.


2015 Climate Change Solutions Fund Grantees

Architects Without Borders-Seattle. Based in Seattle, Wash. Project located in Peru.
To support Fog Water Farms, an innovative fog-collection system in Lima that builds local capacity and strengthen social ties.
Beautiful Solutions. Based in New York, N.Y. Project spans the globe. 
To support Beautiful Solutions, a book and multimedia project highlighting creative, successful climate activism.
Children's Radio Foundation. Based in New York, N.Y. Project spans the globe. 
To launch Unite4Climate, a youth-led initiative using Zambia radio stations as a vehicle to mitigate the effects of deforestation and pollution.
ForestEthics. Based in San Francisco, Calif. Project located in Pacific Northwest region of United States. 
As part of a regional campaign to halt the shipment of oil using train cars, the group will use music and culture as means to galvanize communities where such railroad lines are located.
Institute of Governance and Sustainable DevelopmentBased in Washington D.C. Project located in Micronesia.
To employ culturally-specific methods for exploring the impact of sea-level rise on the islands of Micronesia.
Movement Generation. Based in Oakland, Calif. Project located across United States.
To produce a multimedia project that amplifies the voices of communities on the frontlines of climate change.
Native Seeds/SEARCH. Based in Tucson, Ariz. Project located in Southwestern region of United States.
To facilitate adapted crop diversity, climate-appropriate agriculture, and multimedia documentation of the stories of farmers affected by climate change.
Thunder Vallery CDC. Based in Porcupine, S.D. Project located on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. 
To lead a community planning process for a zero waste, zero carbon, multi-use cultural facility.
Worldwatch Institute. Based in Washington D.C. Project located across United States
To support Yardfarmers, a documentary-meets-reality television series that features millenials converting backyards and lawns into sustainable sources of food.
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