Chicago Torture Justice Memorials


Chicago Torture Justice Memorials will mount public memorials embodying the experiences and testimonies of police torture survivors and their families. The memorials, which include artwork, archival materials, and oral histories, will connect Chicago police torture to the rise of mass incarceration and excessive sentencing in Illinois and in the broader United States.

Bio: Chicago Torture Justice Memorials is a cultural collective seeking justice for police torture survivors. Since their founding in 2011, they have curated, organized, and created artwork to reimagine what justice might look like in these cases. This work inspired a grassroots campaign that fought for, and won, unprecedented reparations legislation for torture survivors from the City of Chicago. Whether organizing major exhibitions, pop-up art events, or living memorials, their work embodies the intersection of art and activism, radical popular education, and a tenacious commitment to anti-racist politics. 

(Left to right, starting at top) Amy Partridge, Mario Venegas, Gregory Banks, Mary Patten; Dorothy Burge, Ollie Hammonds, Joey Mogul, Mary L Johnson; Christine Haley, Alice Kim, Darrell Cannon, Sarah Ross; Laurie Palmer, Anthony Holmes, Mark Clements, Carla Mayer; Shubra Ohri, Flint Taylor, Vincent Wade Robinson, Martha Biondi; Isis Ferguson, Essence McDowell, Iván Arenas, Jennifer Scism Ash. Photo: CTJM