Created for ROCI CHILE, part of the Rauschenberg Overseas Culture Interchange project held at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Santiago in 1985, the majority of the works are from a series of paintings entitled the Copperheads (1985/1989), where Rauschenberg silkscreened his own photographs onto copper supports and used tarnishing agents to produce somber hues. The use of copper was meant as a sign of solidarity with the Chilean people. 

Caryatid Cavalcade I / ROCI CHILE, 1985
Caryatid Cavalcade I / ROCI CHILE
Copperhead—Bite VI / ROCI CHILE, 1985
Copperhead-Bite VI / ROCI CHILE
Copperhead—Bite VIII / ROCI CHILE, 1985
Copperhead-Bite VIII / ROCI CHILE
Copperhead—Bite XI / ROCI CHILE, 1985
Copperhead-Bite XI / ROCI CHILE
Copperhead-Bite X / ROCI CHILE
Copperhead Grande / ROCI CHILE, 1985
Copperhead Grande / ROCI CHILE
Copperhead–Bite I / ROCI CHILE, 1985
Copperhead–Bite I / ROCI CHILE
Copperhead Chica / ROCI CHILE
Copperhead-Bite VII / ROCI CHILE, 1985
Copperhead–Bite VII / ROCI CHILE