Phantom (1991)

Made at the same time as the gray-and-black Night Shade paintings (1991), the imagery in the Phantom series is pale and ghost-like. Rauschenberg silkscreened his photographs on mirrored aluminum surfaces using clear epoxy and acrylic.

See the related digital catalogue: Robert Rauschenberg: Night Shades and Phantoms, 1991.

Return (Phantom), 1991
Return (Phantom)
Litercy (Phantom), 1991
Litercy (Phantom)
Rauschenberg Off White Sketch
Time Scan (Phantom)
Stone Lady Radial (Phantom)
Bounders (Phantom), 1991
Bounders (Phantom)
House Call (Phantom), 1991
House Call (Phantom)
Marsh Haven (Phantom), 1991
Marsh Haven (Phantom)
Office Break (Phantom)
Office Break (Phantom)
Hindu Hoopla (Phantom), 1991
Hindu Hoopla (Phantom)
Botanical Vaudeville (Phantom), 1991
Botanical Vaudeville (Phantom)
Alley Wise (Phantom)
Alley Wise (Phantom)
Holy Molley (Phantom), 1991
Holy Molley (Phantom)
Rauschenberg, X-Tensians, 1991
X-Tensions (Phantom)