Jammer (1975–76)

Almost completely devoid of imagery, the Jammers are mostly made from sewn fabric that is usually hung directly on the wall, often in conjunction with rattan poles or other everyday objects, such as cans and flashlights. The series title is derived from “windjammer,” a type of sailboat. As is typical of Rauschenberg’s love of wordplay, jammers also evokes musicians “jamming” and slang for “pajamas.” Individual titles often have nautical associations.

Pilot (Jammer), 1975
Pilot (Jammer)
Mirage (Jammer)
Mirage (Jammer)
Quartz (Jammer), 1976
Quartz (Jammer)
Oar (Jammer), 1976
Oar (Jammer)
Brim (Jammer), 1976
Brim (Jammer)
Vow (Jammer)
Blue and White Squares
Que (Jammer)
Frigate (Jammer)
Index (Jammer)
Charlie (Jammer), 1976
Charlie (Jammer)
White Cloth with Bamboo
Embargo (Jammer)
Scan (Jammer)
Skyfall (Jammer)
Pollen (Jammer), 1975
Pollen (Jammer)
Untitled (Jammer)
Caliper (Jammer), 1976
Caliper (Jammer)
Gear (Jammer)
Roe (Jammer), 1976
Roe (Jammer)
Robert Rauschenberg, COIN (JAMMER) 1976
Coin (Jammer)
Snowpool (Jammer)
Bamboo Sticks
Untitled (Jammer)
White Sheet
Trowel (Jammer)