Hoarfrost (1974–76)

For the Hoarfrosts, Rauschenberg used solvent to transfer images from newspapers and magazines to unstretched fabric. The Hoarfrosts were created when Rauschenberg noticed that the cheesecloth used to clean lithography stones in print workshops retained traces of ink when it was hung up to dry.  

Sulphur Bank (Hoarfrost) 1974
Sulphur Bank (Hoarfrost)
Glacier (Hoarfrost), 1974
Glacier (Hoarfrost)
Gush (Hoarfrost), 1974
Gush (Hoarfrost)
Pod (Hoarfrost), 1975
Pod (Hoarfrost)
Cactus Custard (Hoarfrost), 1975
Cactus Custard (Hoarfrost)
Sybil (Hoarfrost), 1974
Sybil (Hoarfrost)
Emerald (Hoarfrost)
Untitled (Hoarfrost) 1975
Untitled (Hoarfrost)
Groundings (Hoarfrost), 1974
Groundings (Hoarfrost)
Ex-Salad (Hoarfrost), 1975
Ex-Salad (Hoarfrost)