Artists in Residence

A list of the current and upcoming artists in residence.


solid objects is a collaborative project conceived between choreographer Heather Kravas and visual artist Victoria Haven together with their cast. Comprised of a series of visual objects and performance practices, the work embraces the paradoxes of formal rigor with human inconsistencies to dislodge fixed perceptions about dancing, painting, and audiences. Offering an urgent alternative to the monumental and branded solid objects proposes a new way of being and relating to forms, architecture, light, senses, time, and bodies.

Heather Kravas
Co-Creator, Choreographer
Since 1995, Heather Kravas has investigated choreographic, improvisation and collaborative practices in contemporary dance to explore the limits of choreography as a form and her abilities as an artist. Combining recognizable traditions, tasks and somatic methods, her dances grapple with structural idealism and uncontainable emotions. In a renunciation of the spectacular, Kravas strives to illuminate actions such as labor, listening, concentration, failure and presence. Offering a space where reflection is emphasized over force and consumption, she cultivates environments where people become aware of their own process of discovery. Kravas lives in Seattle, WA.

Victoria Haven
Co-Creator, Visual Artist
Whether tracing the corridors of real or imagined mazes, polygonal shapes or three-dimensional forms, Victoria Haven's practice revolves around drawing, but is rarely confined to lines across a single plane. Often based on walks near her native Seattle, personal narratives, or musical or filmic references, her works nevertheless sit squarely within the abstract register. Her vector-style wall drawings can appear to be looping endlessly through space like a Moebius strip, delineating a path through time as temporary inhabitants of a given space. Haven lives in Seattle, WA.

Aretha Aoki
Collaborator, Dancer
As a dancer, Aretha Aoki is drawn to projects that allow her to connect to the parts of herself that she feels cut off from – the shameful, remote, contradictory or unseemly aspects that cannot be easily expressed in daily life. She has worked with Emily Johnson, Juliette Mapp, robbinschilds, devynn emory, Rebecca Serrell Cyr, Vanessa Anspaugh, Kokoro Dance, and others. Aoki lives in Topsham, ME.

Madeline Best
Collaborator, Lighting Designer/Performer
Madeline Best works with light in relation to the work of performing artists to shape the space of the performance. She aims to subtly alter perception in a way that supports the vision of the lead artist and challenges ideas of space and time. Best often works outside of traditional theatrical environments, asking questions around what, where, or when performance is and how we make space for performance. Best lives in Long Island City, NY.

Talya Epstein
Collaborator, Dancer
Talya Epstein is a dance artist, performer, and improviser who tends to be drawn toward projects involving chaos, quiet, grit, humor, transcendence, and the mundane. She has performed in the work of Anna Azrieli, Simone Forti, Miguel Gutierrez, Ishmael Houston-Jones, Isabel Lewis, Phoebe Osborne, Juliana May, Will Rawls, Melinda Ring, Tatyana Tenenbaum, and Larissa Velez-Jackson. Epstein lives in Brooklyn, NY.

John Hoobyar
Collaborator, Dancer
John Hoobyar’s work as a dancer is about proposing alternative ways of being together. For him, rehearsal is a reimagining of intimacy, a space to practice other models of how to gather. He has recently performed in works by Sarah Michelson, Tino Sehgal, Ryan McNamara, Will Rawls, and Phoebe Osborne, and is a contributor at Culturebot and the Movement Research Performance Journal. Hoobyar is based in Brooklyn, NY.

Marlee Hopkins
Collaborator, Visual Artist
Marlee Hopkins is a cross-disciplinary visual artist using sculptural materials, performance, photography, and poetry to explore the complex and historically distraught relationship between people with power and the environment. Hopkins lives in Shoreline, WA.

Joey Kipp
Collaborator, Dancer
Joey Kipp believes in bringing communities together through a daily practice of inclusion and exploration. He has worked with Biba Bell, Niv Acosta, Ani Taj, Larissa Valdez-Jackson, Sean Curran, Ann Liv Young, luciana achugar, Jessica Cook, The Love Show, Celia Rowlson, miguel gutierrez, Rachel Klein, Amanda Palmer, and Coco Karol, in both stage and TV/film works. Kipp lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Jennifer Kjos
Collaborator, Dancer
Jennifer Kjos is a dancer exploring ease and available power in the body. She is devoted to improvisation as a personal practice and finds fulfillment in performance through both established material and improvisational scores. Recent interests include watching set movement on an array of age groups and training histories, nostalgia, vibrational sound, and the sounds the body makes in movement adding up to a song. Kjos lives in Big Indian, NY.

Cecilia Lisa Eliceche
Collaborator, Dancer
Cecilia Lisa Eliceche is profoundly concerned with how to live an anti-colonial life and believes the body, dance and craft to be her mediums for resistance. Her work has been consistently traversed by touch and exploration of erotica, and is opposed to pornography, consumption and bureaucracy. Lisa Elicheche is based between Brussels and Salvador de Bahia.

Zeena Parkins
Collaborator, Electro-Acoustic Composer/Performer/Improviser
Zeena Parkins is a pioneer of contemporary harp practices. Through the use of expanded playing techniques, object preparations, and electronic processing, she has redefined the instrument’s capacities. She leans into the harp’s physical limitations, pushing into its boundaries and impossibilities. In her compositions, she utilizes collections, recombination, historic proximities, geography, tactility, and movement. Parkins is based in New York, NY.



Eve Abrams (RRF Artist as Activist Fellow)
Audio Documentarian

Andrew Beck
Visual Artist

Jo Kreiter (RRF Artist as Activist Fellow)
Choreographer/Site Artist

Jesse Krimes (RRF Artist as Activist Fellow)
Visual Artist

Erik Levine
Visual & Video Artist

Gesel Mason

Guillermo Rodríguez
Visual Artist

nibia pastrana santiago
Dance Artist

Evan Yee



Drew Bucilla (PhD Candidate, City University of New York)

Nickolas Calabrese

Taylor Davis
Visual Artist

Haley Fohr (Circuit Des Yeux)

Adjua Greaves
Writer/Visual & Performance Artist

James Hoff
Visual & Sound Artist

Byron Kim

Lisa Sigal
Visual Artist

Marshall Trammell

Ali Van
Visual Artist

Liat Yossifor



Eddie Aparicio
Visual Artist

Jamal Batts (PhD Candidate, University of California, Berkeley)

DeForrest Brown, Jr.
Rhythmanalyst/Media Theorist/Curator

Brenda Coultas

Michelle Handelman
Visual Artist/Filmmaker

Heidi Howard
Visual Artist

Iman Issa
Visual Artist

Devin Kenny
Interdisciplinary Artist/Writer/Musician/Independent Curator

Alexis Myre
Visual Artist

Tuesday Smillie
Visual Artist


RESIDENCY #45: APRIL 6-MAY 8, 2020

Basel Abbas
Visual/Installation Artist

Ruanne Abou-Rahme
Multimedia Artist

Dylan Gauthier
Visual Artist

Christopher Green (PhD Candidate, City University of New York)

James Brandon Lewis

Ofelia Marquez Stephens
Visual Artist

Jin Ju Song-Begin

Kendra Sullivan

Juliana Venter

Lorna Williams

Mlondolozi Zondi (PhD Candidate, Northwestern University)
Movement Artist


RESIDENCY #46: MAY 26-JUNE 26, 2020

Felipe Baeza
Visual Artist

Hillerbrand + Magsamen (Photolucida's Critical Mass program awardee)
Stephan Hillerbrand & Mary Magsamen
Visual Artists

Yvette Janine Jackson
Composer/Sound Installation Artist

Janice A. Lowe
Composer/Poet/Vocalizing Pianist

Patrick Martinez
Visual Artist

Star Montana
Visual Artist

Sable Elyse Smith
Visual Artist/Writer

Rayyane Tabet
Visual Artist

William Villalongo
Visual Artist

McKenzie Wark (Thoma Foundation Fellow)


RESIDENCY #47: JULY 6-31, 2020 (Artists with children)

Sterling Allen
Visual Artist

Ghost of a Dream
Adam Eckstrom & Lauren Was
Visual Artists

Kahlil Joseph

Tuan Andrew Nguyen
Visual Artist

Rasmus Nielsen
Visual Artist



Natalie Ball
Visual Artist

Uriel Barthelemi
Composer/Drummer/Electronic Musician/Visual Artist

Dam Van Huynh

Dave McKenzie
Visual Artist

Elaine Mitchener
Vocalist/Improviser/Movement Artist/Composer

Matana Roberts
Sound & Mixed Media Artist

Legacy Russell (Thoma Foundation Fellow)

Taro Shinoda
Visual Artist

Anna Martine Whitehead (3Arts Fellow)
Performance Maker/Choreographer/Writer/Artist

Ronaldo Wilson
Writer/Dancer/Painter/Video Artist



Performance Residency TBA



Anthony Cokes
Conceptual & Media Artist

Tirtza Even (3Arts Fellow)
Experimental Video Documentary Artist

Uchenna Itam (PhD Candidate, University of Texas, Austin)
Art Historian/Curator/Writer

Thomas Love (PhD Candidate, Northwestern University)
Art Historian

Jeffry Mitchell
Visual Artist

Shellyne Rodriguez
Visual Artist

Jamilah Sabur (Oolite Arts Fellow)
Visual Artist

Lester St. Louis

Lucie Vítková
Composer/Musician/Dancer/Visual Artist

Olivia K. Young (PhD Candidate, University of California, Berkeley)


Partnerships: In 2019 and 2020, the Rauschenberg Residency has partnerships with 3Arts (Chicago), Photolucida (Portland), and Thoma Foundation, and in 2020 with Oolite Arts (Miami), in order to expand our selection process and broaden our diversity.

PhD Candidates: In 2020, the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation is inaugurating a residency program for scholars who are nearing completion of their dissertations on Postwar art. These emerging art historians will be provided with the time to make significant progress on their dissertations.

RRF Artist as Activist Fellows: The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation’s Artist as Activist Fellowship provides independent artists and art collectives with a demonstrated commitment to applying their creative work to the public sphere with monetary grants over two years along with access to opportunities for professional advancement. Fellows are also invited to participate in the Rauschenberg Residency program.