Artists in Residence

A list of the current and upcoming artists in residence.

RESIDENCY 38: APRIL 22-MAY 24, 2019

Visual Artist/Curator/Organizer
In addition to Mark Allen’s individual artwork in drawing and painting, he was the founder and executive director of Machine Project, a non-profit art space that produced over 1,500 events between 2003 and 2018. Allen is based in Los Angeles, CA.
Quenton Baker is currently working on non-narrative, polyphonic/polytemporal long poems with a focus on collapsing the distance between the perceived historicity of chattel slavery and the modern reality of anti-blackness. Baker lives in Seattle, WA.
Choreographer/Visual Artist
Jonah Bokaer has cultivated a new form of choreography merged with visual art and design. The act of combining visual arts and dance has initiated his entire oeuvre – a life-long project that continuously questions and challenges the role of a choreographer’s participation in fine art. Bokaer lives in Brooklyn and Hudson, NY.
Ama Codjoe is interested in legacy: the familial, historical, and personal inheritances she witnesses and embodies. Often her poems center around the body: its griefs, joys, and desires. She is obsessed with musicality, the tension between the domestic and the wild, and the color blue. Ama lives in New York City, NY.
Speculative & Activist Artist
Christopher Ho’s multi-component projects address privilege, community, and capital, and draw equally from learned material about and lived encounters with power and otherness in an unevenly decolonialized, increasingly networked world. Ho is based in New York, Hong Kong, and Telluride, CO.
Graham Reynolds creates, performs, and records music for film, theater, dance, rock clubs, and concert halls with a wide range of collaborators across a multitude of disciplines. As Artistic Director of the non-profit Golden Hornet, he leads efforts that foster young and emerging composers and present adventurous works in non-traditional settings. Reynolds is based in Austin, TX.
RoseAnne Spradlin works to highlight the individual choice-making of each performer on stage in order to reveal multiple aspects of "mind." Formally, many works find structure through elements of "task” and explore aspects of raw vulnerability through the use of partial and full nudity on stage. Spradlin lives in New York City, NY.
Visual Artist
Martha Tuttle’s fabric-based wall works and sculptural interventions engage with the nuances of form and the hopeful fluidity between states of matter. Using conditions of visual simplicity alongside labor-intensive and bodily processes such as hand spinning, weaving, and dyeing, her work reflects upon time, tenderness, and devotional practice. Martha lives in Brooklyn, NY.
RESIDENCY 39: JUNE 17-JULY 19, 2019

Multidisciplinary Visual Artist
Visual Artist/Curator
Dorothy Burge (RRF Artist as Activist Fellow)
Social Justice Art Quilter
Social Practice, Film & Temporary Public Art Artist
Matt Eich (Photolucida’s Critical Mass program awardee)
Ayriole Frost (3Arts Fellow)
Visual Artist
Mixed Media Visual Artist
Vincent Wade-Robinson (RRF Artist as Activist Fellow)
Visual Artist
RESIDENCY 40: AUGUST 5-30, 2019 (Artists with children)

Painter/Collage & Installation Artist
Photo-based Visual Artist
Michelle Angela Ortiz (RRF Artist as Activist Fellow)
Visual Artist
Alex Rivera & Cristina Ibarra (RRF Artist as Activist Fellows)

Collaborators TBD

Eve Abrams (RRF Artist as Activist Fellow)
Audio Documentarian
Visual Artist
Jo Kreiter (RRF Artist as Activist Fellow)
Choreographer/Site Artist
Jesse Krimes (RRF Artist as Activist Fellow)
Visual Artist
Visual & Video Artist
Visual Artist
Dance Artist
Visual Artist

Partnerships: In 2019, the Rauschenberg Residency has partnerships with 3Arts (Chicago), Photolucida (Portland), and Thoma Foundation in order to expand our selection process and broaden our diversity.

RRF Artist as Activist Fellow: The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation’s Artist as Activist Fellowship provides independent artists and art collectives with a demonstrated commitment to applying their creative work to the public sphere with monetary grants over two years along with access to opportunities for professional advancement. Fellows are also invited to participate in the Rauschenberg Residency program.