Artists in Residence

A list of the current and upcoming artists in residence.

RESIDENCY 40: AUGUST 5-30, 2019 (Artists with children)

Claire Bishop is an art historian and critic whose work has focused on the intersection of art and politics, performance and participation, spectatorship, and exhibition history. She is currently working on a book about attention in the 21st century, viewed through the lens of contemporary art and performance. Bishop is based in New York City.
Painter/Collage & Installation Artist
Sarah Crowner creates graphic compositions that discretely test the boundaries of abstract painting while also engaging and reshaping its art historical legacy. From afar, bold geometric forms and clean lines conjure the pristine visual fields of geometric abstraction. On closer viewing, the presence of stitches and seams reveals a craft-oriented methodology in which raw and painted segments of canvas are cut, rearranged, and sewn together. Crowner lives in Brooklyn, NY.
Cristina Ibarra & Alex Rivera (RRF Artist as Activist Fellows)
Cristina Ibarra is an independent documentarian who makes films that explore the US-Mexico border, and Alex Rivera is a fiction filmmaker who tells urgent and visually adventurous Latino stories. Ibarra and Rivera are directors of The Infiltrators, a true story of a group of undocumented youth who got detained by Border Patrol – on purpose – to infiltrate the immigrant detention center, expose cases of abuse, and help free other detainees. They are based in Pasadena, CA.
Photo-based Visual Artist
Deana Lawson’s work examines the body’s ability to channel personal and social histories, addressing themes of familial legacy, community, desire, and religious-spiritual aesthetics. Her practice borrows from simultaneous visual traditions, ranging from photographic and figurative portraiture, social documentary, and vernacular family album photographs. She is visually inspired by the materiality of Black culture and its expression as seen through the body and in domestic environments. Lawson lives in Brooklyn, NY.
Michelle Angela Ortiz (RRF Artist as Activist Fellow)
Visual Artist
Michelle Angela Ortiz uses her art as a vehicle to represent people and communities whose histories are often lost or co-opted. Through painting, printmaking, and community arts practices, she creates a safe space for dialogue around some of the most profound issues communities and individuals may face. Her work tells stories that claim and transform spaces into a visual affirmation revealing the strength and spirit of the community. Ortiz lives in Philadelphia, PA.

Heather Kravas
Co-Creator, Choreographer
Co-Creator, Visual Artist
Collaborator, Dancer
Madeline Best
Collaborator, Lighting Designer/Performer
Talya Epstein
Collaborator, Dancer
Collaborator, Dancer
Marlee Hopkins
Collaborator, Visual Artist
Collaborator, Dancer
Jennifer Kjos
Collaborator, Dancer
Cecilia Lisa Elicheche
Collaborator, Dancer
Zeena Parkins
Collaborator, Electro-Acoustic Composer/Performer/Improviser

Eve Abrams (RRF Artist as Activist Fellow)
Audio Documentarian
Visual Artist
Jo Kreiter (RRF Artist as Activist Fellow)
Choreographer/Site Artist
Jesse Krimes (RRF Artist as Activist Fellow)
Visual Artist
Visual & Video Artist
Visual Artist
Dance Artist
Visual Artist

Partnerships: In 2019, the Rauschenberg Residency has partnerships with 3Arts (Chicago), Photolucida (Portland), and Thoma Foundation in order to expand our selection process and broaden our diversity.

RRF Artist as Activist Fellow: The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation’s Artist as Activist Fellowship provides independent artists and art collectives with a demonstrated commitment to applying their creative work to the public sphere with monetary grants over two years along with access to opportunities for professional advancement. Fellows are also invited to participate in the Rauschenberg Residency program.