Artists in Residence

A list of the current and upcoming artists in residence.


For Alvaro Barrington, painting can tell who we are or where we are; it can be inwards or coming toward you; it can hold temporary fashionable truths or larger truths; it can be about color, space, or light; it can hold imagery that offends or is calming; or it can call for redemption, forgiveness, or anger. He seeks to utilize painting to think through his lived experiences. Barrington lives in Brooklyn, NY.
Jennifer Garza-Cuen (Photolucida's Critical Mass program awardee)
Jennifer Garza-Cuen is concerned with the complex weave of social structures, groups and sub-groups, and our continued impulse to categorize and define. Working in a constructed documentary style, she explores ideas of place, archive, cinematic nostalgia, and cultural inheritance. Her current project, Wandering In Place, is a metaphorical memoir depicting a series of locations in the United States as a residue of social memory – an inheritance. Garza-Cuen lives in Reno, NV.
Almost never setting his choreography, Ishmael Houston-Jones sees the dichotomy between improvisation and choreography as a false binary. He sees himself as an activist artist who makes provocative work that examines both personal and communal issues of identity and social justice. He also supports – through curation, writing, and teaching – the production of challenging art created by a younger generation of queer artists and/or artists of color. Houston-Jones lives in New York, NY.
Writer/Interdisciplinary Artist
After editing art books in New York, Elizabeth Karp-Evans moved to Mexico and worked at a print shop, then to Culebra to practice photography and write. She later worked at KARMA in editing and design, and then became an editor at Guernica. She returned to New York, founded Pacific publishing, and wrote her first collection of poetry, Proper Ground. She is now editor-in-chief of Studio magazine at The Studio Museum in Harlem. Karp-Evans lives in Brooklyn, NY.
Visual Artist
Nina Katchadourian is an interdisciplinary artist whose work exists across a wide variety of media, including video, performance, sound, sculpture, photography, and public projects. Some of the subjects of her recent projects include dust, birdcalls, eye floaters, on hold music, Morse code, accents, and shipwrecks. Her starting points for projects are often mundane, familiar experiences and, recently, experiences usually thought of as boring. Katchadourian lives between Brooklyn, NY and Berlin, Germany.
Visual Artist
Sarah Kurz’s work investigates stream of consciousness moments during which memory, figment, and reality coalesce. Through her engagement with universal themes such as longing, beauty, death, fear, and the passage of time, she explores the emotionally complex terrain of her subjects. Her work simultaneously subverts and underscores the universality of individual experience by acknowledging the elusive nature of feelings, resulting in a candid and intimate visual experience. Kurz lives in New York, NY.
Much of Mark Lewis’s work focuses on the technology of film and different genres that have been developed in over 100 years of film history. His films are often short, precise exercises on particular techniques. In 2015, he completed his first feature film, Invention. An homage to the City Symphony films of the 1920s, Invention offers a searching love letter to urban spaces, art, and cinema. Lewis lives in London, UK.
Lisa Liu is a jazz guitarist playing primarily in the style of French jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt. She has performed with gypsy jazz players including Stephane Wrembel, Martin Taylor, and Denis Chang, and she plays with the Cornelius Eady Trio, a project putting Eady’s poetry to song. She runs a vlog series called Ladies Who Jazz, interviewing female jazz musicians to provide exposure for underrepresented artists. Liu lives in Brooklyn, NY.
Rachel Ries (3Arts Fellow)
Musician/Songwriter/Visual Artist
Rachel Ries, the daughter of Mennonite missionaries, spent her earliest years in a village in Zaire and a farming community in South Dakota. She learned song as a necessary means of unifying a body of believers and expressing things unknown and longed for. When all else fails and isolation is the default, a song is an extraordinarily powerful unifier. It’s this that she is most compelled by: songs to dismantle isolation. Ries lives in Minneapolis, MN.

Partnerships: The Rauschenberg Residency has partnerships with 3Arts (Chicago), Photolucida (Portland), and the Ford Family Foundation (OR) in order to expand our selection process and broaden our diversity.

Artist as Activist: The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation’s Artist as Activist Fellowship provides independent artists and art collectives with a demonstrated commitment to applying their creative work to the public sphere with monetary grants over two years along with access to opportunities for professional advancement. Fellows are also invited to participate in the Rauschenberg Residency program.