Boise, Idaho

Visual Arts Collective and Alley Repertory Theater

In the most unexpected moments, magic happens at the Visual Arts Collective (VaC). Audiences are surrounded by phenomenal contemporary art; musicians experience one of the best acoustic spaces in Idaho; actors come into the spotlight; and visual artists fill the center’s expansive walls. To make this happen, VaC supports and subsidizes local artists working in visual and performance art, film, music, and theater while Alley Repertory Theater has a complementary commitment to support performance artists and create theater that sparks dynamic dialogue and fosters fearless performances. In collaboration for the last five years, VaC and Alley Rep have become symbiotic partners, facilitating performances from community storytelling, concerts, dance, theater, and more in a state-of-the-art venue in Idaho’s Treasure Valley.  

Visual Arts Collective

Photo: Domonique Svamberk 

Visual Arts Collective

The entrance to where the magic happens. A door way to experience Art, Theater, Dance and Music. Photo: Domonique Svamberk 

Sue Latta Of the Flesh, the first exhibition at Visual Arts Collective, Artist Reception,  April 4, 2008. Photo: Samuel Stimpert

¨Have you ever done something that you knew just had to be done? This body of work is that thing for me. It had to be made. It not only tells a lifetime of stories that needed to be told but it also represents an evolution for me as an artist; stepping away from 10 years of established artistic practice and discovering myself again. I've heard that artists aren't supposed to start over but I think it may be one of the best things I've ever done...I guess we'll see.¨ - Sue Latta 

Visual Arts Collective 3

From Aaron Sorkin, creator of The West Wing and A Few Good Men, comes THE FARNSWORTH INVENTION: a fast-paced and vigorous play about two ambitious visionaries from the 1920s. Philo T. Farnsworth, an Idaho farm boy and self-taught scientific genius, and David Sarnoff, a highly motivated Russian immigrant who becomes head of RCA, race against each other to create the most transformative invention of the twentieth century. Separated by thousands of miles, each knows that if he stops working, even for a moment, the other will gain the edge. The story sizzles with corporate espionage, family tragedy, financial disaster, and the thrill of discovery on the road to one of the greatest inventions of all time: the television. Photo by Freddie Loucks @ THE FARNSWORTH INVENTION -By Aaron Sorkin - April 29–May 7 

Visual Arts Collective 4

Rehtoric Style Presents breakTHEORY, Ballet one night and a Break Dance battle the next, July 2010. Photo: Samuel Stimpert

Visual Arts Collective Band Performance

David AndrewsBand "Live at the VAC" recorded at Visual Arts Collecitive in Garden City, Idaho, 2008. Photo: Shoeless Johnny Harrell

In 2008, David released his first full-length recording in nearly four years, “Live at the VAC”. While this CD is comprised of all live performance songs, all of them are previously unrecorded and they were specifically written for this release. For this project David enhanced his band soundscape by adding a horn section, a string section and a collage of back-up singers. Not surprisingly, this release again found David’s music in the spotlight of radio