Buffalo, New York

Sugar City

A volunteer-run, nonprofit, alcohol-free, all-ages space, Sugar City presents alternative arts, cultural, and community events. Founded in 2008 and with participatory culture and a do-it-together attitude, this gallery, meeting spot, and performance space is dedicated to the exhibition, performance, and creation of art by those who cannot obtain space from traditional sources or venues. By doing so, it fosters a more vibrant and positive creative community and serves as a bridge between Buffalo's underground and more traditional cultural institutions. Events and initiatives include music, films, readings, community meetings, theater, art shows, workshops, and more. 

Sugar City Image 5 Candace Camuglia

Photo: Candace Camuglia 

Sugar City's original space in Buffalo's Allentown neighborhood, which it occupied from 2009-12. Photo: Pat Kewley (4/13/2012)

Sugar City Image 2 Pat Kewley

Sugar City's performance space and wall of flyers documenting previous events. Photo: Pat Kewley (4/13/2012)

Sugar City Image 3 Joel Brenden

An all-ages audience at a Sugar City event. Photo: Joel Brenden (4/13/2012)

Music legend and pillar of the all-ages movement Calvin Johnson performs at Sugar City, 2012. Photo: Joel Brenden (4/13/2012)

Sugar City Image 5 Candace Camuglia

Sugar City worked with the city to fill Buffalo's subway with art and performers for one night, 2013. Photo: Candace Camuglia (10/12/2013)