Boise, Idaho

Story Story Night

Spontaneous, cathartic, inspiring, Story Story Night is a live storytelling phenomenon that provides a forum and a format for the community to share real experiences on stage and without notes. With a wide range of shows and studios, Story Story Night explores the power and possibility of narratives and helps people of different perspectives connect and reflect on the common threads that unite us all. The program presents a soul-stirring, all-ages flagship season as well as Story Story Late-NiGHT, the positively shameless, adults-only black sheep arm of the storytelling family, and Starry Story Night, a special event highlighting true revelations from local luminaries. The organization also puts out a podcast and leads workshops throughout the year. Story Story Night strives to be relevant, empowering, educational, and exciting to its audiences, community, and the world by staging events that electrify and illuminate our lives.

Story Story Night Banner

Tell it like it is. True stories on a theme from Story Story Night’s LiViNG WiTHOUT at the Linen Building, November 2010. Photo: Erica Sparlin Dryden

Story Night Audience

Insight, empathy, hilarity, connection. You can read the human story on the faces of the crowd at Story Story Night. Photo: Erica Sparlin Dryden

Story Story Night 3

Story Story Late-Night, the adults-only arm of the program, bares it all with NAKED, Visual Arts Collective, March 2012. Photo: Whitney Rearick

Starry Story Night sheds light on the true lives of luminaries at BRAVE NEW WORLD, Boise Contemporary Theater, September 2013. Photo: Paul Budge

Bold featured storytellers plus story slammers open up at Story Story Night’s RECKLESS at the Rose Room, February 2013. Photo: Paul Budge