Detroit, Michigan

Allied Media Projects

Allied Media Projects (AMP) cultivates strategies for a more just, creative, and collaborative world. Based in Detroit, it facilitates a local-national feedback loop of theories and practices to encourage media-based community organizing. For AMP, this form of organizing is a process of speaking and listening as a community in order to investigate the problems that shape our realities, imagine other possibilities, and work together to bring them to fruition. By incorporating media, new relationships are built internally, interpersonally, and within communities; individuals are transformed from consumers of information to producers, from objects within narratives of exploitation and violence to active subjects in the transformation of the world. For three days every June, AMP produces the Allied Media Conference, which brings together hundreds of people from across a wide spectrum of places, identities, and areas of focus to reinvent the role of media and technology in our lives. Throughout the rest of the year, AMP leads trainings in Detroit on how to integrate media-based organizing practices into local businesses, community organizations, and schools.  

Crowd Applauding
Dance Class

Workshop: "Physical Languages of Liberation: West African Dance" at the 2014 Allied Media Conference. Photo: Ara Hawrani

Workshop: "Art for Self-Sustainability and Enterprise" at the 2014 Allied Media Conference. Photo: Ara Hawrani

"Design is a process of intentional dreaming" Presentation

Designer Una Lee presents at the Opening Ceremony of the 2014 Allied Media Conference. Photo: Ara Hawrani

Crowd Applauding

The Opening Ceremony of the 2014 Allied Media Conference. Photo: Ara Hawrani