Detroit, Michigan

Power House Productions

Detroit, Michigan

Power House Productions (PHP) is an artist-run, neighborhood-based nonprofit organization founded by Mitch Cope and Gina Reichert in 2009. Through a network of project houses, art installations, and dynamic programs, PHP integrates arts and culture into the daily life of our diverse Detroit neighborhood, creating public spaces for the exchange of ideas, opinions and experiences. 

PHP’s strategy is to embed contemporary art practices into the area, using the neighborhood itself as a site of cultural and artistic production. Projects are driven by artists who live and work in the neighborhood, while open to an exchange of work from the national and international art world. Strategic partnerships with other groups that share its goals allow the organization to remain small and have a large impact. Through programs that cross cultures and genres, PHP engages fellow residents on multiple levels including research and feedback, as audience members, and through project participation. The organization provides opportunities for artists to push their practice in new and meaningful directions while broadening the outlook and expectations of neighborhood residents.

Pink and Yellow House Still from Katie Barkel

Squash House. Photo by Katie Barkel. 

Jar House still from Katie Barkel

Jar House. Photo by Katie Barkel. 

PlayHouse Michelle Gerard.

Play House. Photo by Michelle Gerard. 

PHP Power House Gina Reichert

Power House. Photo by Gina Reichert. 

Ride It Sculpture Park Mitch Cope

Ride It sculpture park. Photo by Mitch Cope. 

PHP Techno Poetics

Techno Poetics. 

The Hinterlands Gina Reichert

The Hinterlands. Photo by Gina Reichert. 

Squash House. Photo by Katie Barkel.