Atlanta, Georgia

Living Walls

In its efforts to promote, educate, and change perspectives on public space via street art, Living Walls showcases the qualities of being fearless, innovative, collaborative, and pattern-breaking. The pursuit of these fundamental goals yields new dialogues about the way people view large-scale contemporary public art and the process of activating the spaces in which they are installed. The organization hosts an annual conference, Living Walls, The City Speaks, as well as Concepts, a program that helps immerse artists into local neighborhoods, giving them a more intimate, personal connection to the communities in which their work is presented.

Living Walls One Sheet

French Artist JR created this ‘No More Hunger’ mural in the historic King District - the Old Fourth Ward with the help of Emory’s MARBL archival library images during Conference 2013, August 2013. Photo: Brandon English on behalf of Living Walls

Colorful Mural

French artist 3ttman created this lively mural in Summerhill, directly across from Turner Field, the stadium which houses the Atlanta Braves for Living Walls Conference 2013, August 2013. Photo: Joshua Gwyn on behalf of Living Walls

Living Walls Pano

Israeli artist Know Hope completed this delicate figure for the first Living Walls Concepts in 2012, December 2012. Photo: Joshua Gwyn on behalf of Living Walls

Living Walls Pano

Italian duo Sten + Lex finished this mural in Old Fourth Ward for Conference 2012. The image is printed on paper, and shifts over time as the elements work away at the mural. Photo: Brandon English on behalf of Living Walls