Atlanta, Georgia


glo is a dynamic convergence of artists, thinkers, and producers who work together to engage the community to experiment and thrive in multiple wheels of participation.  Founded in 2009 to revitalize communities in the American South through human interaction with contemporary performance and impulses outside of art’s recognizable spaces, glo crafts experiences that are part choreography and part interactive art installation. Deploying space as a social product and complex construction of value and meaning, glo is a year-round public initiative that migrates from Atlanta’s urban center to the rural areas of Georgia, from New York City to Basel, Switzerland, creating renewable human interaction that transforms in unexpected ways.  The Tanz Farm anthology, glo’s main production platform, expands boundaries within live art practices via Atlanta and inter/national artists. glo is a practice of art in action, focusing on the smallest progress to the largest issues, by making you think about your world, and your place in it.  

Web Glo Gestures

Photo: Thom Baker

glo and Micah Stansell collaboration, “search for the exceptional,” (2012), nomadic public art series, Historic Maddox Pool, Atlanta. Photo: Dustin Chambers

Robert Spano, Lauri Stallings and glo, Micah & Whitney Stansell, “cloth” (2014) Performance Exhibition, presented by Tanz Farm: a performance Anthology at the Goat Farm Arts Center. Photo: Goat Farm Arts Center

Glo: Liquid Culture

Lauri Stallings and glo, “Liquid Culture” (2013), a series of utopia stations, Midtown Atlanta. Photo: Thom Baker

Glo: The Two Room Apartment

Niv Sheinfeld and Oren Laor,” Two Room Apartment” ( 2012), performance, presented by Tanz Farm: a performance Anthology at the Goat Farm Arts Center. Photo: Niv Sheinfeld

Web Glo Gestures

glo and Paper-Cut-Project collaboration, “gestures that soon will disappear:  ROMANTIC BODY” (2014) physical installation series, Historic Roswell Mill. Photo: Thom Baker