Kansas City, Missouri


Front/Space is a live/work storefront apartment repurposed for noncommercial exhibitions, installations, and publishing projects. As an organizational principle, its residents produce the space for discursive platforms (lectures, video installation, living documents), vowing reverence for, but critique of, social context. Located in downtown Kansas City, new exhibitions open monthly. Front/Space also hosts low-capacity, public, chamber-like concerts. Past performers include Calvin Johnson, CS Luxem, Mutual Benefit, OILS, Romantic Animal, Shy Boys, and Mark Southerland. Its latest endeavor, The Civilian, is a magazine dedicated to art, literature, and the city with the aim of bringing the discourse of one contested metropolitan area to a national audience.

Front Space Building

Photo: Daniel Morgan

Front Space Window

Maxwell Mehlstaub, Retail Identities, installation view, August,  2011. Photo: Sarah Murphy

Creating in the Studio

Zine Dream, installation view,  September, 2012. Photo: Sarah Murphy

You Can’t Hurry Love, installation view,  June, 2014. Photo: Leandra Burnett 

Front Space Building

When the Dust Settles,  installation view, April, 2012. Photo: Daniel Morgan

People Gathered in Front of Front Space

Self Schematics, installation view, October, 2011. Photo: Bobby Koerper