Kansas City, Missouri

The Fishtank Performance Studio

A space to collaborate, edit, and debut ideas, the Fishtank Performance Studio develops new works from concept to concert by providing a low-risk, low-cost environment that inspires theatrical entrepreneurship. Material performed at the Fishtank is fresh, its content progressive, and its writers and performers committed to the risk taking and the possibility of failure. Producing and presenting raw material keeps its intimate black-box theater and outside storefront window for live performances or art installations activated and prepares local audiences for international artwork.

Brick Building With Black Car Parked in Front

Photo: Renee Cinderhouse

Brick Building With Black Car Parked in Front

Artist Renee Cinderhouse installs A Little Human Frailty in the store front windows of the Fishtank Performance Studio, November-December, 2013. The store front windows provide a performance space annually for a live window play, as well as installation space for artists. Photo: Renee Cinderhouse

12 Plays

The Fishtank produced The 12 Plays of Christmas, a curated production of new generative performances (plays, movement & music). This program was piloted in December of 2013 with the intention of being an annual performance program. Curated by Heidi Van. Photo: Russ Matthews

Voyeur 92 Performance

Voyeur: An Urban Rhapsody, conceived and produced by Heidi Van, presented in the storefront windows, October, 2012. Voyeur is about the theatre of social narrative of everyday activites. The work is challenging and celebrating the contradictions in performance, toying with what brings people in, how theater meets its public, and creating a new awareness about how to perform and view performance. Photo: Russ Matthews

Fishtank’s “immersive theatre” production of Elegy For A Lady by Arthur Miller, installed in Birdies, an intimate apparrel apothecary for a limited run. Visual Artist Peregrine Honig created a limited edition production poster exclusive to the performance. Featuring Heidi Van and John Robert Paisley, Produced by Heidi Van. Photo: Eg Schemph

Summer Shorts, a playreading series held every Sunday at 7 that features new works by Kansas City playwrights. Part playwright slam, part staged reading, playwrights direct the Fishtank interns and invited actors in their original pieces. Sponsored by BLVD BEER, curated by Heidi Van. Photo: Nicholas Sawin