Cleveland, Ohio


Founded in 2002, convergence-continuum is a theater company of actors, directors, playwrights, designers, artists, and technicians based in Cleveland at the Liminis Theater. Its six-show season runs March through December, and it also participates in the Northeast Ohio MFA Playwrights Festival in February together with Cleveland State University. At convergence-continuum, theater is not a mirror reflecting the familiar, but an opening into unknown territory with no fourth wall. Instead of merely watching, the audience is immersed into the world of the play to experience theater that extends conventional boundaries of language, structure, space, and performance, challenging conventional theatrical practice. 

convergence-continuum’s mission is to produce contemporary, cutting-edge plays by living playwrights that examine our culture in innovative, environmental settings. It confronts, engages, and challenges audiences to share in the imaginative and investigative process of making their own cultural meanings and share in creative thinking about today’s cultural issues. Its intimate, mutable venue is a transcendent space where the world can be penetrated, explored, and experienced in new, unique ways.


Photo: Cory Molner

Two Women Performing for Audience

convergence-continuum’s Aug/Sep 2011 production of Five Flights by Adam Bock, directed by Clyde Simon. Shown in the Liminis’ intimate performance space are actors Elaine Feagler and Lauri Hammer. Photo: Cory Molner

Three Women at Dinner Table

convergence-continuum’s Oct/Nov 2010 production of Brainpeople by Jose Rivera, directed by Artistic Director Clyde Simon. (Original painting in background by Rob McDougal.) Photo: Cory Molner


convergence-continuum’s Dec 2010 production of Aporkalypse! by Christopher Johnston, directed by Clyde Simon. Shown, left to right, are actors Scott Gorbach, Michael Regnier, Marcia Mandell and (on floor) Geoffrey Hoffman. Photo: Cory Molner

convergence-continuum’s Oct/Nov 2013 production of Michel Marc Bouchard’s Lilies, directed by Tyson Douglas Rand. Photo: Tom Kondilas

Men peeking out from behind a TV in front of an audience

convergence-continuum’s Jul/Aug 2007 production of the world premiere of Spawn of the Petrolsexuals by company-member Cleveland playwright Christopher Johnston, directed by Clyde Simon. Photo: Noel Maitland