Portland, Oregon

Conduit Dance

Conduit Dance is a 501(c)3 nonprofit arts organization that serves as an incubator for independent contemporary dance artists in Portland and as a site where audience and artists engage with contemporary dance. Conduit Dance believes that art is a dynamic, social force that inspires individuals and defines cultures and seeks to create an environment where creative risk, independent career paths, collaborative relationships, diverse practices, and presentation of innovative dance can flourish. It achieves this mission through three main principles: training, affordable workspace, and performance.

Conduit also provides crucial links to artists and organizations throughout the region and nationally. It presents, hosts, and sponsors performances through its Dance+ Festival, Guest Artists performances, and curated group showings. Conduit’s intimate and versatile venue invites audiences to experience dance in new ways serving over 55 artists and 1,500 audience members each year. This network of artists and audiences not only perpetuates contemporary dance but also contributes to the health, dynamism, and vitality of Portland and its environs.

Jim Lykin Dancers

Photo: Jim Lykin / radical child . . . 2014

Conduit offers a range of ongoing dance training, master classes, and workshops. Photo: Gordon Wilson

Wilson Gather 2013

Conduit offers an affordable performance venue for presenting new work in an affordable, flexible, and alternative space. Photo: Gordon Wilson / Gather/Tere Mathern Dance 2012)

Jim Lykin Dancers

Emerging artists are supported through curated showcases that highlight new work by regional artists. Photo: Jim Lykin / radical child . . . 2014

Image 4 - G. Wilson

Conduit is an incubator for contemporary dance offering affordable work space for artists to explore and rehearse. Photo: Gordon Wilson / bobbevy 2012 rehearsal

Caption: Each year Conduit celebrates its anniversary with unique performances, Bielemeier, and Tere Mathern in performance, 2013. Photo: Gordon Wilson / Conduit’s original core artists Linda K. Johnson