Boise, Idaho

Off Center Dance

A modern dance company that is committed to excellence and creative collaboration in performance and dance education, Off Center Dance (OCD) strives to advance the form by offering visionary choreography and well-executed performances in the local community and throughout the Northwest. In fulfilling this mission, OCD helps foster a greater appreciation of the art form. OCD is also dedicated to sharing dance in a variety of platforms to professionals and aspiring dancers through performance and educational outreach. 

The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation is instrumental in helping OCD to expand its reach. In addition to supporting a full-length show for fall 2013 and five new works for spring 2014, the foundation is providing funding for multiple free public performances and for a collaborative performance art project. 


Photo: Trish Anderson

This performance art collaboration used OCD dancers and live musicians in a Butoh inspired work. Photo: Julianna Thomas

Alice's Mad World

Dancer Savannah Sanderson performs a silk piece as the caterpillar in OCD’s Fall Show, Alice’s Mad World. Photo: Trish Anderson

Altered Spaces 1

Full OCD Company in Spring performance of Altered Spaces. Photo: Trish Anderson

Dancer Katie Ponozzo completes her solo in this video/live dance piece, Spring 2014. Photo: Trish Anderson


Dancer Katie Ponozzo in Skin, 2014. Photo: Trish Anderson