Phoenix, Arizona

Cattle Track Arts and Preservation Society

Cattle Track Arts and Preservation aims to recognize and celebrate Scottsdale’s authentic cultural heritage. It provides opportunities for visual and performing artists, craftspeople, and students, individually and collectively, to enhance their work while preserving Scottsdale’s genuine past as a unique arts community in a desert environment.

Cattle Track Couture

Cattle Track Couture by Rachael Ellis. Photo: Carlos Mandelaveitia

3 Books

Cattle Track’s Recent Book Projects (Mixing old world & modern technologies to create custom limited edition books). Photo: Carlos Mandelaveitia

Old Dyes, New Quilts Book

Old Dyes, New Quilts by Lucy Diggs (Hand bound in hardcover with Indigo colored fabric, contains 14 original quilt images plus details, limited to ninety-five copies and five artist proofs). Photo: Carlos Mandelaveitia


Pedro E. Guerrero (Hand bound, hardcover in raw chipboard, contains one original signed print. Subject: Frank Lloyd Wright, Alexander Calder & Louise Nevelson, limited to one-hundred copies signed and numbered). Photo: Carlos Mandelaveitia

Cattle Track Couture

Cattle Track Couture by Rachael Ellis (Hardcover, contains original creations by Rachael Ellis, who was one of Scottsdale’s pioneer women. A must have for all. Commercially printed). Photo: Mark Hendrickson

031 Observations

Observations by James Rapp (Hand bound in leather, a beautiful record of a curious mind, a perpetual student and dedicated educator. In line and intent each page celebrates this scholar’s insightful journey. Limited to one-hundred copies). Photo: Carlos Mandelaveitia