PEOPLE’S COLLECTIVE ARTS // Colectivo de Arte Popular

Live and work in Brooklyn, NY

Project Description: People's Collective Arts // Colectivo de Arte Popular (PCA) is building a vibrant community space around social, economic and climate justice that serves as the artists’ wing of the newly emergent People’s Climate Movement in New York City, which took the streets 400,000 people strong for The People’s Climate March and Flood Wall Street. The artist collective is building a network of artists, laborers, immigrants, youth, faith-based, and environmental justice organizations to develop new, intersectional narratives and ignite the public imagination.

People’s Climate Arts is both the physical and cultural space the collective has created and the work they do within it. They equip artists with tools to develop new methods of creative intervention. They share practical solutions to make communities more resilient and adaptive. And they build intersecting movements capable of impacting policy on urgent and interconnected issues – movements with the power, vision, and momentum to shift culture.

Update: In 2015, PCA Attended COP21 climate talks in Paris, where they mounted the Climate Ribbon project with Beautiful Solutions (an RRF grantee Climate Solutions grantee). Members Gan Golan and Raquel DeAnda received a New Media Fund grant from the Tribeca Film Institute for their Argus Project, a suit embedded with 20 body cameras, to protect those targeted by profiling. In addition, the PCA work gained recognition and was increasingly asked to speak about “arts as an organizing strategy.”

Project Interview

Bio: People’s Climate Arts was formed in early 2014 as a collective of artists and activists who provide the materials and creative strategies to support the individuals and organizations who developed the messages and artwork for the People’s Climate March in New York City in September 2014. Employing a space-based model of organizing, the collective not only produces the art and provides the means to create the art used during community activism, but also fosters the dialogues, narratives, and new communities that take shape during the process.

You can follow the work of People’s Climate Arts here.

PCA Group

Video interview with 2015 Artist as Activist Fellow People's Climate Arts. Pictured Left to Right, Top to Bottom:  Fernanda Espinoza, Raul Ayala, Robin Laverne Wilson, Andrea Lomanto, Lauren Hawk, Rachel Schragis, Raquel de Anda, Sara Quinter, Kate McNeely, Gan Golan, Crystal Clarity, Joel Stein.