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Isaac Saunders Headshot

Meet the Chef-In-Residence: Isaac Saunders

Jan 1, 2017
We were curious to hear more about Isaac Saunders, so we asked him a few questions to learn about his earliest memories of cooking and his inspiration for his career. Here is what we learned: What is your first memory of cooking? I can’t put a finger on my first memory of cooking as someone in my family was always doing something in the kitchen at almost all hours of the day when I was young. However I do remember my first ‘wow’ moment I had with food. I was maybe 8 or 9 years old and my dad had cooked a simple dish of chicken roasted with cardamom and yogurt and it blew my mind. The chicken...
Residency 24 News

Meet the Artists: Rauschenberg Residency 24

Jan 1, 2017
Visit the Artists-in-Residence page to learn more about this group of artists.
Main Studio from Water - photo by Laurie Lambrecht
View of Main Studio from the water. Photo: Laurie Lambrecht  

360 Degree Tour of Rauschenberg's Home and Studio

Jan 1, 2017
Step inside and tour Rauschenberg's home and studio in Captiva, Florida, and explore the retrospective at Tate Modern on view until 2 April 2017. View 360 Video >