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Residents 10

Meet the Artists: Rauschenberg Residency 10

Jan 1, 2015
Visit the Artists in Residence page to learn about the Residency 10 artists.
Residency 9 News
Photos: Sage Sohier

Thirty–Three Days and Nights: Rauschenberg Residency 9

Jan 1, 2015
Once the home of the Calusa Indian tribe and then two centuries later, a fishing destination for Theodore Roosevelt and Thomas Edison, Captiva Island, Florida, now boasts luxury homes on a street nicknamed the “Gold Coast.” But the enchantment of the land that Robert Rauschenberg embraced for forty years remains and is invigorated by the newest, and perhaps most itinerant, visitors to the island, the artists in residence at the Rauschenberg Residency. And so what does this small cohort of artists do for thirty-three days on this island in the Gulf of Mexico? “I was able to work on thirty-five...
Children Working on Art Project
Renaissance Club begins planning a new project. Photo: Joe Rubino

Philanthropy in Action

Jan 1, 2015
The Lab School of Washington, with support from the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, presents The Power of Art Conference, April 16–18, 2015: This is Your Brain on Arts. In its twenty-first year, the conference includes a town hall with national voices in the arts, a day of workshops led by teaching artists at The Lab School, a fully arts-based school for students with learning differences, and workshops at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. Participants will learn how to advocate for the arts, integrate the arts into core courses, and incorporate new practices into their teaching...