Boise, Idaho

Visual Arts Collective and Alley Repertory Theater

In the most unexpected moments, magic happens at the Visual Arts Collective (VaC). Audiences are surrounded by phenomenal contemporary art; musicians experience one of the best acoustic spaces in Idaho; actors come into the spotlight; and visual artists fill the center’s expansive walls. To make this happen, VaC supports and subsidizes local artists working in visual and performance art, film, music, and theater while Alley Repertory Theater has a complementary commitment to support performance artists and create theater that sparks dynamic dialogue and fosters fearless performances. In collaboration for the last five years, VaC and Alley Rep have become symbiotic partners, facilitating performances from community storytelling, concerts, dance, theater, and more in a state-of-the-art venue in Idaho’s Treasure Valley.  

Photo: Domonique Svamberk