Detroit, Michigan

Fringe Society Studio

Detroit, Michigan

The Fringe Society is a hand-woven textile production studio that operates in a 2,000 sq. ft. commercial facility in Detroit, Michigan, with 16 functional looms that range from table­top models to an 8-ft Cranbrook loom. The studio is also used as a platform for building interpersonal relationships with social equity in mind cultivating a “safe space” not only for learning weaving techniques, where students weave, wash, press, and ship fabric, but also to engage in dialogue around gender, race, social, and political issues. 

Weavers at work on production scarves in the studio. Photo: Katie Barkel.

Student work in progress, a scarf in triple draught goose eye pattern. Photo: Levon Kafafian.

Yarns are wound on the warping mill before dressing the loom. Photo: Katie Barkel.

Discussing the design for a new project. Photo: Katie Barkel.

Weavers at work in the Fringe Society studio. Photo: Katie Barkel.