Lives in Washington, DC and Iceland. Working in California.

Project Description: Artist is temporarily based in Iceland to coproduce Saga Fest, a transformative music and art festival that seeks to form intentional communities around environmental and social justice. He will travel to Palo Alto, California, to attend a National Arts Strategies meeting in order to build skill sets that can advance his work in the field of art + issues.

Bio: Scott Shigeoka believes there are three conditions to develop thriving communities: (1) bringing a diverse group of people together, (2) fostering a culture of creativity, authenticity and sustainability, and (3) creating opportunities for co-creation and sharing. By designing transformative music, arts, and storytelling events around these principles, Shigeoka asks: How might we inspire systemic change through transformative music and arts festivals? Currently on a Fulbright-mtvU fellowship in Iceland, he is producing Saga Fest. The festival, which combines music with live art and installations, yoga, meditation and storytelling circles, attracts nearly one thousand people to co-create a “participatory pop-up community” with the goal of initiating systemic environmental and social change. 

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Tall Grass Prairie-Osage Nation, 2014. Photo: Dejan Georgevich