New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans Fringe Festival

With a flare typical of its hometown, each November the New Orleans Fringe Festival assembles a stunning variety of wild, weird, original theatrical performances; stirs them into a gumbo rich with fun, spicy cultural goodness; and simmers the whole big pot of artists and audiences for five full days of immersion in performance with all of its myriad, magical forms.

To assemble this melee of over 70 local, national, and international presenters of over 300 shows at over 35 venues, Fringe focuses on artists to best serve its audience. A rotating group of 16 performance artists review approximately 150 applications each year to select 24 of the ensembles included the festival lineup. Fringe also facilitates BYOVs (bring your own venues), through which artists can arrange their own spaces and production to sculpt their participation in the festival with complete flexibility. All told, audiences, numbering in the thousands, can witness countless never-before-seen delights of live, intimate performance and enjoy activities for all ages and free, open events for all to join in.

Courtesy Janet Wilson, Jess Pinkham, Victoria Pisarello, Swamp Deville

Miss Pearl, Maid of Orleans, with dear friends at the 2012 New Orleans Fringe. Credit: Janet Wilson, Jess Pinkham, Victoria Pisarello, Swamp Deville

Karen Kern, Emilie Whelan, and Hot Tub the terrapin, off the leash again at the 2013 New Orleans Fringe. Credit: Kevin Patterson, Swamp Deville

Pandora Gastelum and the Mudlark Puppeteers at the 2013 New Orleans Fringe. Credit:  Rachel June, Swamp Deville