Lives in Detroit, MI. Working in Germany and the Netherlands.

Project Description: Artist will travel to Amsterdam and Berlin to investigate how immigrants and Afro-Europeans used electronic music in the 1980s to navigate identity politics as part of “The Global ’80s,” an ongoing project in which the artist uncovers hidden histories of musicians of African descent who used their music to address social challenges. Thus far the project has taken place in Chicago, Detroit, Johannesburg, London, and New York. Using the term “DJ Scholarship” to explain DJ culture as a research practice that is at once performative and subversive in its ability to shape and define social experiences, Denise works to shift the public perception of the role of a DJ. Instead of “purveyor of party music” she works as an archivist, cultural worker, and information specialist who assesses, collects, organizes, preserves, and provides access to music determined to have long-term cultural and historic value.

Bio: Lynnée Denise is an American DJ, cultural producer, and public scholar. For the past decade, she has worked on interactive workshops, music events, and public lectures that allow participants to develop an intimate relationship with under-explored topics related to the cultural histories of marginalized communities.   

Travel Amerinda

Tall Grass Prairie-Osage Nation, 2014. Photo: Dejan Georgevich