Atlanta, Georgia

The Lucky Penny

The Lucky Penny creates and presents contemporary performance events in Atlanta. Codirectors Blake Beckham and Malina Rodriguez aim to advance artistry and cultivate community by supporting innovative works made with rigor and risk. Their recent adventures have included Threshold (2012), a contemporary dance inside a life-size cardboard house, and Dance Truck (2009–), a project that delivers dance to galleries, festivals, and roadside hotspots by converting trucks and trailers into memorable portable venues. 

Photo: Karley Sullivan

Blake Beckham (right) and Malina Rodriguez (left) co-direct The Lucky Penny in Atlanta, GA. Photo: Bobbi Jo Brooks

Dearly Departures (2014), a dance by choreographer and Lucky Penny Director, Blake Beckham. Photo: Chris Carder

Erik Thurmond in a 2013 Dance Truck performance, presented by The Lucky Penny. Photo: Karley Sullivan