Beautiful Solutions/The Backbone Campaign

Based in New York City. Project spans the globe.

Project Description:

Fiscally sponsored by The Backbone Campaign, Beautiful Solutions is a project that will convene leading thinkers and practitioners to collaboratively develop an online toolkit, book, and training program featuring the most promising and “contagious” actions for building a more just, democratic, and resilient world. The project’s leadership will distill the core principles of what kinds of strategies work and why, so that successful, game‐changing innovations can be taken up and adapted across vastly different circumstances. The desired impact is to empower communities and build democratic leadership; transform public policy by demonstrating successful alternative models to current systems; and help shift our global culture from one of extraction and dependence to one of creativity and interdependence. In order to achieve this level of impact, the editorial team for Beautiful Solutions will build on the innovative format of its first, internationally acclaimed project​ Beautiful Trouble, in addition to drawing from the broad network of the New Economy Coalition to assemble a “pattern language” of strategies, stories, and core principles for building solutions to the climate crisis.

About the Organization:

The leadership of Beautiful Solutions first published Beautiful Trouble, a book that has sold 10,000 copies, been translated into seven languages, and used by campaigns and classrooms across North America and Europe. The network of trainers, who are an outgrowth of this first book, work to empower people to transform their communities through strategic and creative direct action-- from marching and blockading institutions of power to systems of permaculture and self-governance.


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