Providence, Rhode Island

The Avenue Concept

Providence, Rhode Island

The Avenue Concept is named after the idea of an avenue – a space layered with activity, and one that creates connections for people in their daily lives.

Founded as a platform to create stable, scalable, and sustainable public art programming in Providence, Rhode Island, The Avenue Concept engages people of all ages – not just practicing artists but students, neighbors and everyday people – in creative self-expression through public art projects and innovative programs.

By adding layers of texture and meaning to otherwise ordinary places, the organization hopes to create unique destinations and stimulating conversations.

Its projects throughout the city include large-scale murals and sculptures, painted electric boxes, colorful LED lighting, and events such as pop-up skate and art parks. The possibilities are limitless in the realm of public art.

Bezt’s beautifully sad, photo-realistic mural, She Never Came, captures the feeling of being let down and crushed in love. This is one of two giant mural projects curated by Nicholas Platzer, of INOPERABLE. Photo by Cheryl Adams Johnson.