Lives in Woodland, CA. Working in Lithuania.

Project Description: Artist will travel to Lithuania to produce a book and exhibition on the lives of veterans of the Afghanistan War (1979–89), who continue to suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Bio: Born in Woodland, a Northern California farming community, Anna Reich’s artistic practice combines photography, video, and performance. She challenges herself to make work that engages with the idea of access. In so doing, she demonstrates the ability to engage with diverse populations and successfully reach people of different backgrounds. Her work focuses on individual identity and the various forces that construct and alter it. In previous projects she worked with migrant workers in California, Icelandic fisherman, and U.S. military personnel. Reich began working with newly enlisted military personnel in 2008 on Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt, a four-year project that followed the personnel through enlistment, deployment, and post deployment. The experience of making this work inspired her to volunteer at VA hospitals in Boston and Chicago, specifically at the Psychosocial Rehabilitation Centers, where she spent eighteen months teaching coping strategies and re-assimilation skills to veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injuries, and combat-related psychological disorders. Her most recent work involves personal interviews with Holocaust survivors, and people whose lives were dramatically affected by Soviet Occupation such as former political prisoners, deportees, and Soviet Army conscripts.

Travel Amerinda

Tall Grass Prairie-Osage Nation, 2014. Photo: Dejan Georgevich