Can the public see Robert Rauschenberg’s work and other work held by the Foundation?
The best way to see work held by the foundation is to check our Exhibitions listing. This list includes work held by the foundation as well as museum and private collections.
I am doing research on Robert Rauschenberg. How can I access the Scholarship Center archives?
The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Scholarship Center is available by appointment only. All scholars, researchers or curators may e-mail Gina Guy at with:
- A brief of proposed research and subject matter;
- A description of any specific items you're interested in;
- A brief bio with your contact information; and
- A list of available dates to visit the Scholarship Center.
We will review each request and respond with direction as to how our collection and archive may match your needs as well as a time for you to meet with our staff, if appropriate.
I would like to purchase a work by Rauschenberg or understand my work’s value. Who can I contact?
For questions regarding value or acquisition please contact the Gagosian Gallery at 212.741.1111 or
I have a Rauschenberg work that I’d like more information on. Who should I contact?
If you would like the exhibition history or a description of a particular piece, please contact our Archivist & Registrar Gina Guy at This is not an authentication of work: rather, we can provide information on named works as referenceable and accurate scholarship.
Does the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation authenticate or attribute works of art? Who I contact to discuss including a Rauschenberg piece in an exhibition?
Neither the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation nor any of its affiliates authenticate or attribute artwork. Organizations such as the International Foundation for Art Research (IFAR), provide these services. For more information on IFAR's services contact: IFAR Authentication Research Service 500 Fifth Avenue, Suite 935 New York, NY 10110 T: 212-391-6234 You should provide as much information to IFAR as possible, including provenance history, supporting documentation, medium, dimensions, etc.
Who do I contact to discuss including a Rauschenberg piece in an exhibition?
If you are a curator working on an exhibition and wish to include a Rauschenberg piece held by the foundation, please contact our Curator David White at Please include the following information:
- Name and/or description of artwork in which you are interested
- Name and description of exhibition
- Venue(s) and date(s) of exhibition
- All pertinent contact information
We will review each request and respond accordingly.
Who I contact to use an image of a Rauschenberg work?
All image requests for publication, scholarship and non-product-based commercial use should contact Visual Artists and Galleries Association (VAGA) at All media and press-related usage requests may be directed to Ben Wyskida 646-452-5637
Who I contact to use an image of a Rauschenberg work for commercial purposes?
All licensing and development proposals requesting use of Rauschenberg artwork and/or images must be submitted to Christy MacLear at A subcommittee of the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation's board of directors reviews all licensing proposals relative to our mission-based strategy. Our goal is to ensure that all licensing aligns with our philanthropic objectives and raises both awareness of issues and funding for partnering nonprofits.
Does the foundation consider donating artwork to auctions or charity functions?
The foundation does not donate artwork for auctions or charity events.
Does the foundation support international projects?
The vision of the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation includes support of international organizations; however, we do not yet support international projects. The foundation's scope will grow to include international projects and organizations in the coming year.
Does the foundation support individual artists directly?
The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation is organized to support organizations, not artists directly.
Can I apply for a discretionary grant to the Rauschenberg Foundation?
The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation accepts and reviews proposals for discretionary grants. Please visit the Responsive Grants page, for guidelines on how you may submit a proposal.
How do I learn about the Rauschenberg Foundation grants and application process?
The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation presently has four philanthropic programs:
- Artistic Innovation and Collaboration Grants program
- Artist as Activist program
- Legacy Grants program
- SEED Grants Program
All four are invitational. Learn more in the Philanthropy section. Over time our programs will grow and additional grant categories will be added.
Can I apply to the Rauschenberg Residency in Captiva?
The selection process for the Rauschenberg Residency for fall 2013 – summer 2014 will be by nomination only. Nominators representing geographic and cultural diversity will anonymously identify more than sixty-plus artists and creative individuals from a variety of disciplines, backgrounds, and career levels to participate in seven residencies. Please check back for updates.