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Robert Rauschenberg Archival Note
Note on painting, 1963
Rauschenberg Note "Art has no borders"
Note on the artist’s role
Statement on Captiva
Rauschenberg Note
Statement on Cunningham collaborations, 1974
Rauschenberg Note about Photography
Statement on photography, 1981
Rauschenberg Note about Working with Trisha Brown and Laurie Anderson
Statement on Set and Reset, 1982
Robert Rauschenberg Note
Statement on Hot Shot (1983)
Robert Rauschenberg Response to Rita Reif
Statement on art auctions, 1988
Robert Rauschenberg Archival Note
Statement on art and obscenity, 1989
Statement on Trisha Brown, 1990
Robert Rauschenberg Note
Statement on United Nations Earth Summit, 1992
Robert Rauschenberg Note about John Cage
Statement on John Cage, 1992
Statement on accepting the Hiroshima Art Prize, 1993
Statement on Joseph Albers, undated
Rauschenberg writings
Statement on radios, Oracle, Soundings, and Teledyne
Rauschenberg writings on art and technology
E.A.T. booklet draft